Investigating - Issues With Changes to Activity Status

After 1 hour and 13 minutes

We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

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After 55 minutes

We've fixed the core issue, please update your Android app to:

  • GetHomeSafe - Corporate for Android 3.19.24 (243)
  • GetHomeSafe - Personal for Android 1.16.10 (280)

Please note iOS apps and white-label versions are not affected by this issue

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After 30 minutes

We've confirmed there is a problem, we're working to resolve it.

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We are currently investigating reported issues with the current version of Andriod not updating changes to activity status's as expected.

It appears that this is restricted to users of:

  • GetHomeSafe (Corporate) v 3.19.23 (version code 240), released on the 17th of Dec 2021

  • GetHomeSafe (Personal) 1.16.9 (version code 279), released on the 17th of Dec 2021

More information to follow shortly

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Affected components
  • API